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At KidsKare P.C., our dental specialists are pleased to offer dental veneers for our patients in Las Cruces, New Mexico, seeking to improve dental flaws and transform their smiles. Our custom-crafted shells are both durable and wafer thin. These shells effectively cover your front teeth while correcting a variety of cosmetic imperfections.

Our dental veneers are created from either porcelain or tooth-colored resin material. We work with you to select the proper shade that will allow them to appear natural in your smile. You can also choose a shade lighter to brighten your smile if you prefer. Our porcelain veneers are not only stain resistant, but they appear translucent which makes them blend in effortlessly with your natural teeth. To enhance your smile, the porcelain or resin veneers are bonded to your tooth fronts. They will effectively change the length, shape, size, and color of your teeth to restore your beautiful smile.

If you currently have teeth which are discolored, whether from a root canal treatment, large resin fillings, excessive fluoride, or from medication, a dental veneer restoration can give you the smile you desire. If you have gapped teeth, teeth in your smile that have down, are broken or chipped, or some that are slightly misaligned, dental veneers can help.

If you would like to find out more about our porcelain or resin dental veneers, we invite you to come in and speak with our team. Our skilled dental specialists are here to help you maintain your beautiful smile. Just call 575-532-5437 today and embark on your journey to a brighter smile!