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Thank you for choosing KidsKare P.C. as your trusted resource for family dentistry in Farmington, New Mexico. Our team strive to deliver a high level of dental care at all times, and we invite patients of all ages to benefit from our services. For more information and to schedule an appointment with our dentists, please contact our office today!


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Dr. Atenas De Taboada
Atenas De Taboada, DMD
Born in Caracas, Venezuela, I spent half of my childhood in this city. My family moved to Spain, where I completed high school. At a very early age, I said I wanted to be a doctor (of course, I was too young to know what kind). I would always play with my white coat and my toy tools without knowing that taking care of patients would be, in fact, what I would dedicate my life to.

After finishing high school, I went back to my home country to pursue my dream of becoming a dentist. I studied at Santa Maria University and got my first dental diploma. Sadly, the political and economical situation of my country started to go downhill, violence reached its peak level at a Pacific protest walk, and that was the breaking point for me. I decided to pursue a future in the U.S. and made my way to dental school for the second time! I completed my second dental diploma at Nova Southeastern University in Florida with the title of Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD). Completing two degrees in dentistry has made me realize along the way how much it means to me. I love what I do with all my heart mainly because it helps me make people’s lives better somehow. There is no greater feeling than knowing you took a patient out of pain or made them more self-confident about their smile. “A smile is the window to your soul.”

Dr. Lindsey C. Walker
Lindsey C. Walker, DMD
I was born in the small town of Castlegar British Columbia. Growing up, I was a typical Canadian kid playing hockey. Playing hockey eventually earned me a scholarship to Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts. During undergraduate, I developed my love of health science and began my introduction into the world of dentistry.

After Boston, I attended Nova Southeastern for my dental degree. While in dental school, I enjoyed participating in numerous volunteer activities and helping the community.

What I enjoy most about dentistry is how it is very hands-on and always changing. In my free time, I enjoy the outdoors (especially golfing) and anything that has to do with sports. For these reasons, Farmington really appealed to me, and I look forward to being involved in the community.



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