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As a mom-to-be, did you know that your oral health and the health of your baby are connected? Women who are dealing with gum disease also have a higher risk of having a prematurely, and consequently, underweight? Unfortunately, gum disease affects the levels of the fluids in the body which bring on labor.

Also known as pregnancy gingivitis, this oral disease develops because dental plaque that accumulates on the teeth irritates sensitive gum tissue. Why? Because increased hormone levels affect how the gums respond to the plaque buildup. You will want to watch out for the signs of gum disease if notice that your gums are red, bleeding, or inflamed. If so, you may have gingivitis and will want to seek prompt treatment.

At KidsKare P.C., we want to help our patients in Las Cruces, New Mexico, to have the healthiest, safest pregnancy possible. And if you are thinking about having a baby, we recommend having a complete dental checkup with one of our dental specialists to treat any dental issues before you become pregnant.

As you progress through your pregnancy, you will want to take the best care of your smile as possible, for yourself as well as your developing child. You will want to stay on top of your daily oral hygiene by brushing and flossing daily, paying particular attention to the gumline. To support your smile health, you will want to limit sweets, and eat a healthy, balanced diet, along with regular dental check-ups to monitor your oral health.

Your diet should include tooth-friendly foods like dairy–cheese, yogurt, and milk–along with fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid having dry mouth by staying well hydrated with plenty of water. This will protect your gum health by ensuring healthy levels of saliva production.Be sure to let our team know that you are pregnant when you come in for dental care. Particularly if you are in your first trimester, we will avoid administering X-rays, anesthesia, pain medications, or antibiotics, unless there is a medical need.

If you are needing to schedule your next visit, we invite you to call 575-532-5437 today to find a location nearest you. If you are pregnant, please let us know when you come in for dental care. Especially if you are in your first trimester, we recommend avoiding X-rays, anesthesia, antibiotics or pain medications, unless necessary. Our goal is to help you have a healthy smile for a healthy baby!