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If your child plays any sport in which they could suffer an oral trauma they should wear a mouth guard. They likely will naturally use a mouth guard when engaging in football, lacrosse, or hockey. But they can also damage their teeth during gymnastics, baseball, and wrestling, or even in some activities such as rock climbing. If they are in braces they may also benefit from wearing a mouth guard for extra protection for their teeth, gums and other soft tissue.

However, your child will also need to take proper care of their mouth guard for it to continue to serve them well. To get the most out of their mouth guard, they should have a new custom mouth guard made by one of our skilled dentists at the start of every season. Oral bacteria can hide in the grooves of the oral appliance and damage your mouth guard. If it becomes cracked, pitted, or develops holes, it will need to be replaced. A gentle reminder for them not to chew on their mouth guard during practice or a game can also help keep damage to a minimum.

They will need to rinse the mouth guard before and after using it. They should also clean it regularly with a mixture of soap and water, or a non-abrasive toothpaste with a soft-bristled toothbrush. After cleaning, they should let it dry and keep it safe in a ventilated case. They should also keep the appliance out of the sun and away from heat to make sure that it does not warp.

If your son or daughter needs a mouth guard for sports or recreation and you live in the New Mexico [area], you can make an appointment for a custom mouth guard at KidsKare P.C.. Call 575-532-5437 today to plan your visit to a location nearest you, and we will make sure your child receives the quality care they deserve.