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There’s a saying in the dental world, you don’t have to brush all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep. While humorous, it’s also true. Your teeth are a powerhouse when it comes to theirĀ form and function, and today we’re going to show you why you should appreciate them and give them the care they deserve.

Tooth Facts: Did You Know?

-Which is stronger, your teeth or your bones?
You might be surprised to know it’s your tooth enamel. The hardest substance in your body, your teeth are made of 96% minerals, which is more than any other body part.

-How powerful are your pearly whites?
Your teeth can exert up to 200 pounds of pressure when you bite down. This ability is best reserved for chewing your food properly and to aid your digestion. Don’t be tempted to use them as tools, as this can damage them. It’s best not to use them to crack open nuts or seafood shells or as scissors to open packaging.

-How long do your teeth last?
Dental remains can last for hundreds of years, which is how we’ve learned so much about human history. Of course, that doesn’t help if you’ve lost them to decay!

-Are your teeth indestructible?
No, they can be damaged and unlike the rest of your body, they can’t repair themselves. Thankfully, our dentists can restore damaged teeth using dental fillings, crowns/caps, and dental veneers. If you have lost teeth, our dentists can replace them with dentures or dental implants for full form and function to be restored.

To keep your teeth alive and well, brush and floss them every day and have them regular checkups to get rid of hardened plaque (basically kryptonite for your teeth) and to detect and repair dental problems early. This will prevent tooth decay and keep your teeth vibrant.

With proper care and attention, your teeth will serve you well for a lifetime of smiles. To schedule a professional cleaning with our team, please call 575-532-5437 for a location nearest you. At KidsKare P.C, our dental specialists are here to help you keep your teeth for a healthy, beautiful smile.