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If you have a habit of smoking, we urge you to quit for the sake of your oral health and quality of living. Our dental professionals at KidsKare P.C are committed to helping patients enjoy optimal oral health for a lifetime, and we are eager to assist patients who wish to cease unhealthy habits. Call 575-532-5437 to learn more about tobacco cessation in Las Cruces, New Mexico, today.

Tobacco has many adverse health effects, especially when it comes to your oral health. It has been linked to oral cancer, periodontal disease, dental implant failure, and tooth loss. When your smile is not in tip top shape, you can experience challenges with basic oral functions, such as speaking, chewing, and smiling.

Our team at KidsKare P.C can help you find the motivation to quit tobacco and improve your oral health. We offer a secure, judgment-free environment, where you will be privy to the professional support of our team and tobacco cessation strategies. Our dentists will work closely with you to ensure you have the proper resources to begin detoxifying your body from nicotine addiction.

We invite you to learn more about your options for tobacco cessation in Las Cruces, New Mexico, today by contacting our office at 575-532-5437. We look forward to working toward a healthier you!