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As your child’s guardian, it is up to you to help them achieve a healthy oral foundation early in their development. This is important because more and more children, including toddlers, are finding themselves with dental caries! This is why we recommend bringing your child in for a dental exam between the time their first tooth erupts and their first birthday.

Why are young children getting cavities? A major culprit seems to be sugary drinks. Continuous exposure through sippy cups bathes their teeth in sugar which feeds harmful oral bacteria. But sippy cups were never meant to be used continuously.They were meant to help parents transition their toddler from the bottle to a cup.

To help you transition your toddler from bottle to cup safely, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends the following:

1- Only let your toddler use the sippy cup for training purposes, not as a crutch for an extended length of time.

2- You can give your child juice and milk during meals. For the rest of the day, keep only water in the cup to protect their chompers.

3- Give your child water in their sippy cups during naptime and bedtime.

Teaching your toddler how to use their sippy cup properly means protecting their oral health along the way. If you would like to know more about helping your child develop a healthy smile, or to schedule a checkup with one of our dentists, please call 575-532-5437 today to find a location nearest you. Our KidsKare P.C. team looks forward to helping you maintain the healthy oral foundation your child needs to succeed!