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According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), tooth decay in the United States affects more children than any other chronic infectious disease. This means that making sure your child has regular dental examinations is as vital to their health as having immunizations and booster shots. Indeed, the American Dental Association has stated that regular dental checkups, as well as immunizations, are all important to getting your child ready for the school year.

Today we would like to expand on our earlier blog this month regarding your child’s back-to-school dental cleaning and exam. Making sure your child is ready for school with a checkup and professional cleaning is only part of their preparation for a positive school year. You will also want to help them succeed in school by providing them with the following:

#1 Daily Oral Care: Help your child to brush and floss daily as part of their day-to-day oral care. In addition to school supplies, purchase a new toothbrush that fits inside their mouths easily for cleaning. Provide a fluoride toothpaste and help them find a flossing method which they will actually use to keep their teeth and gums in tip-top shape.  Using ADA approved dental products ensure safety as well as effectiveness.

#2 School Lunches: Your child’s teeth and gums will thrive with good daily nutrition. This includes school lunches! Encourage them to eat the following items, or pack their lunches with these nutritious choices: raw fruits and vegetables, dairies such as yogurt, cheese, or milk, lean meat, and healthy grains. Their healthy smiles will thank you.

#3 Smile Protection: Engaging in sports activities along with academics helps to encourage a healthy, balanced lifestyle. At the same time, keeping their smiles safe is vital when they are vulnerable to impact with contact sports or recreational activities. We strongly recommend safety gear, such as athletic mouthguards when participating in school sports, PE, or activities on the playground that can result in oral injury.

Daily oral care, healthy school lunches, and protected smiles are all part of your child’s back to school checklist. At KidsKare P.C. our dentists are here to support your family with all of their smile care needs, at a location near you. Please call us at 575-532-5437 if you would like to know more about helping your child maintain their oral health all year round!