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Sleep apnea has a prominent characteristic of causing irregular breathing patterns that can disrupt a patient’s sleep. In order to properly address sleep apnea and receive treatment, it’s important to have an understanding of the basic facts:

– Central and obstructive sleep apnea are the major types of this concern. Central sleep apnea prevents the human body from properly sending brain signals to the muscles that facilitate regular breathing during sleep, causing breathing to pause. Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when the tongue or soft tissues block the airway during sleep, pausing breathing.

– You can develop sleep apnea as a result of several risk factors, such as a small jaw, allergies, blocked nasal passages, family history and genetics for sleep apnea, sinus issues, large tongue or tonsils, environmental factors and a deviated septum.

– Male patients over the age of 40 are the most likely to develop a condition of sleep apnea.

– Sleep apnea treatment is very important to prevent stress on the body from resulting in heart attack, stroke and other medical concerns.

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